Roma's Art Gallery



Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Visual Arts Practice      




                “The Elephant in the Room” - Plane/Site  Galleries at Lad Lane, Dublin 2

                “Trace” - Pallas Contemporary Projects, Dublin 7

                “RHA Unselected Show” - the Bad Art Gallery, Dublin


                 “Hidden Depths” - Graduate Exhibition, Dun Laoghaire  I.A.D.T.


                “Letting On Holding Go” – I.A.D.T., Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin


                 “Speaking the Image” - The Pavilion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire


                 “The Portraits of the Lost and Found” – Cornucopia, Dublin


                “Believe me, I believe me” – Back Loft @ La Catedral Studios, Dublin

                “Margin” – OPW, Dublin

" - I.A.D.T. Dun Loaghaire, Co. Dublin  



Work Experience


Portrait Commissions

Freelance Graphic Designer/Desktop Publisher
To date projects have included all types of advertisements
design of complex logos
a number of publications; invitations; fliers; booklets